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Chimanimani is a mountainous district within Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. The village struggles with economic instability and an unpredictable political climate.  This has resulted in high levels of unemployment and very little opportunity for younger generations.
The Children of Chimanimani

The Children of Chimanimani

There is widespread poverty throughout Chimanimani with many children without basic needs such as food and water. Approximately  67% are without access to electricity.  Malnutrition and  HIV/AIDS are prevalent due to a  deteriorating public health system.
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Established in 2014, PEZA TRUST organises fundraising events and activities in Scotland such as coffee mornings, raffles, pop-up charity shops and sponsored events. We raise money to provide food, supplements, school uniforms, school fees, sports equipment and educational material.
Peza Trust
Peza Trust - Matsetso

Escaping Poverty Through Sport

Peza Trust first began supporting the Chimanimani village football team by sending over equipment such as second-hand team strips, boots and balls.  The potential of sport to improve lives, help with the means to escape poverty and enhance educational achievement is enormous.
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Driving Education

PEZA TRUST strongly believes everyone deserves an education. We provide school uniforms, fees, supplements and equipment for children and young people that deserve opportunities.
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Peza Trust - education

Inspiring the community through conservation

Peza Trust has helped pay for field trips and training to help educate children in conserving the local resources for themselves and for future generations.
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