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Get Involved

Peza Trust needs people like you to help us continue fundraising and supporting the children of Chimanimani. We are always looking for creative ideas for fundraising events. We are always on the look out for wonderful volunteers that are willing to give up some time and energy to help at events. We are always looking for donations of sports equipment and educational equipment such as laptops and books.

Organise a Fundraiser

Peza Trust raises the majority of it’s funds through organising fundraising activities. This can be anything from coffee mornings, strawberry teas, raffles, pop-up charity shops or car boot sales.  Other fundraising activities have included a sponsored head shave and sponsored diet. It doesn’t matter the size of the event or what type of fundraising activity it is , in our view every little helps and all money raised reaches Chimanimani.

If you have any ideas for a fundraising event, please contact us and we will support you in facilitating it.

Peza Trust- Alistair Gibb

Donate your old items

Peza Trust has been collecting sport’s equipment to send to Chimanimani since it started in May 2014. We have had many generous donations over the years from golf clubs to educational resources. Recently we sent a suit and dress shoes to one of our sponsored youths, Zander who is graduating from his electrical engineering degree and needed something suitably smart to wear to represent his wonderful achievement.

Due to the difficulty of sending anything to Zimbabwe we cannot except all donations of equipment, however we are always looking for specific items. Please look on our facebook page and see what we need and if you can help we would love to hear from you.

Peza Trust- donations

Carry a case

We are always very grateful to receive goods and equipment to send to the children of Chimanimani however one of our main challenges is the transportation.  We mostly rely on friends and relatives to take an extra suitcase when they are travelling which we are very grateful for but it means we are limited in what goods we can send and how often we can send them.

If you know of anyone travelling to Zimbabwe or South Africa and would be willing to take an extra suitcase, then please get in touch. We have contacts all over Zim and South Africa and usually we can arrange for items to be collected and reach their destination.

Peza Trust - transport

Volunteer in Chimanimani

Would you like to travel to Chimanimani as a volunteer and provide one-to-one support, training, coaching or education to groups of children? As Jane is the main facilitator of the Education Centre and all the sporting activities, there is always plenty of work to do and she welcomes outside input from kind, energetic and compassionate volunteers.

The wonderfully mountainous region of Chimanimani has much to offer and is in the heart of a Nature Reserve near the Mozambique border.