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Peza Trust supports the children of Chimanimani develop through the areas of education, sport and conservation. Read more information below to discover the benefits of each area.


Peza Trust carries out fundraising to help children in Chimanimani access education through school. Many children in Chimanimani are either orphaned or have parents who have left the village to find work in the bigger cities. Often these children are left with elderly grandparents or in many cases no one at all.  With no available funds to pay school fees or to buy compulsory school uniforms these children have no opportunity to learn to read or write.

The funds sent over by Peza Trust have helped develop an education centre where the children have access to books and some computer equipment.

With a failing education system in Zimbabwe, education has become for the  privileged. School uniforms are compulsory and expensive and a low priority  for families that are struggling to feed themselves. Through Peza Trust individual children are getting the opportunity to attend school through private sponsorship.  The cost of this is £5 a week. This pays for school fees and a uniform. It gives a chance for a child a chance to have a future and escape from poverty.

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Matsetso Stars was born in 2014 after Jane High was approached by children form the village who wanted her to coach them football. They wrote her a heartfelt letter and she has been coaching the teams since then

Back then the team didn’t even have a football, instead plastic bags were bound together and fashioned into a something the children could kick around.

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Peza Trust - sport
Peza Trust- conservation


Encouraging and inspiring these communities to reconnect, not only with the land, but also with its iconic wildlife, is one of the best ways to ensure the ongoing conservation and preservation of these wildlife areas for future generations to enjoy.

Tomorrow’s natural resources will stand a slightly better chance of survival if today’s children are educated on how to conserve Africa’s precious landscapes and wildlife.

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