Peza Trust | Who we are
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We Are Peza Trust

We are fundraising group based in Scotland supporting children in Chimanimani, a village in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.

Peza Trust organises fundraising events such as coffee mornings, raffles, pop-up charity shops and sponsored events to raise money to provide food, school fees, school uniforms, sports equipment and educational equipment.


Peza Trust Founder, Facilitator, Sports Coach, Educator
Jane High's career was in physical education and she has had a wide and varied career, working in Scotland, Africa and the Middle East. Jane has been living in Chimanimani for the ast ... years and is the

Peza Trust Founder and Fundraiser
Frances Fleming started Peza Trust in may 2014 after a converstaion with her cousin, Jane. She has strong links to Zimbabwe and was a physical education teacher there during the seventies . Frances organised most of the fundraising in Scotland and is always coming up with creative ways to help raise funds. ..

Peza Trust Fundraiser

I became involved in Peza Trust after reading a news item in the local paper appealing for football kit for a group of orphaned youngsters in Zimbabwe. The driving force behind the request was Jane, the owner of Frog and Fern Bed and Breakfast in Chimanimani. Jane has strong local connections to Blairgowrie, where I live and was educated at Blairgowrie High School. This is where I came in contact with Jane's cousin, Frances Fleming who lives 5 miles away in Alyth, she was appealing for help and I felt like I wanted to get involved. We have moved on from there and done remarkably well in such a short space of time. There are many people who have assisted us and without their support we could not have achieved so much but there is no doubt that the main reason for our success has been, Frances Fleming - a real diamond!

Our Story

PEZA TRUST (SCOTLAND) was established in May 2014 to benefit orphaned children in the Chimanimani district in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. The Original PEZA TRUST was initiated by Jane High, Proprietor of Frog n’ Fern Bed & Breakfast in Chimanimani. She was approached by several local people to assist with the development of their football team Matsetso Stars Youth Football. Jane who has strong connectins locally having being educated at Blairgowrie High School, was a former Physical Education Teacher and agreed to assist these aspiring footballers. The group started with nothing and Jane appealed to her roots to assist in any possible way and was plesently surprised and delighted with the very positive response to her plea with donations being made from Forfar, Blairgowrie and Kirriemuir. There are too numerous individuals to mention at this stage, but PEZA TRUST (SCOTLAND) has the aim of raising funds for these orphaned children by involving the local community in fund raising activities. The beauty of this set up meas, there is no middle man, all monies raised goes directly to Jane high and is distributed as and when she receives a request for assistance. The media of Sport/Football has enabled these children to have some meaning in their lives thanks to the generosity of people in East Perthshire and as funds continue to be raised here it allows many of the children, for the first time in their lives start school which hopefully opens the door for a brighter future. Please continue to support this so worthwhile fundraising group by doing your bit and participating in future fund raising events, donating sports equipment or computing equipment or sponsoring a child to go to school.